In 2016 I designed a new brand identity system for Zendesk. The redesign reflects the company's growing family of products and expansion beyond customer service.


Every Zendesk product is designed to help you work with relationships, in both good and bad times. The marks of our products are designed to represent the unique relationships. We call them Relationshapes. While each product has a unique identity, they fit together into a greater whole that is represented by the new Zendesk company logo. The logo is a large Z comprised of the individual shapes connecting together.


The identity system plays nicely with Zendesk's tagline, Relationships are Complicated. We launched the new identity with a brand campaign at the height of the 2016 election season. 


We commissioned Anna Kövecses to illustrate a number of images as part of the brand launch. 


The video below talks more about the team's process.  All of the branding work was done in-house by a magical team of talented people. Major props to Kevin Cline and his team for making this video.